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How it all started.

About Me

My paintings mostly have a story to tell. I am an intuitive painter and experiment with textures, paints and techniques.

First to express myself, then inspired by events around me, and now receiving some commissions also , painting has become an important part of my life. I have created many pieces, largely around the recurring theme of the elephant-head Lord Ganesha – in Indian vedas, the remover of obstacles. Lord Ganesha has already been a source of inspiration and guidance in my life, and it is no surprise that He has been the recurrent theme of many of my paintings.

CEO. Artist. Entrepreneur

My name is Aruna Chaubal. I was born in India. I have an undergraduate degree in science and a M.B.A in Finance and Accounts. I worked in India for 5 years as a Finance manager. After, my marriage, I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah to join my husband Dr. Pinakin Chaubal who was doing his Ph.D. In SLC, I obtained an associate degree in Computer Science. Upon completion, I worked as a Systems Designer and Senior accountant at American Express. In 1988, my husband decided to move to the NWI region, working at ArcelorMittal and that was when I discovered the Midwest. By then we had two wonderful sons and I decided to be a stay-at-home mom for 5 years, to be with them as they grew up.

The Beginning & Mission​


Started SHRINGAAR Day Spa in 1996

Arts has always been an integral part of my life. I have enjoyed painting ever since my school days.

I was largely self-taught and during my time in India, I would gift paintings to my friends – who have proudly displayed them in their homes. When I came to SLC, I took courses at University of Utah in art. I have always had an innate desire to be independent business woman and to explore my creativity. 

So, I decided to combine my business acumen with my science background and the need to be creative. With my sons in school, I studied to get a license in Cosmetology and Aesthetics. I worked at a couple of salons, but being independent minded, I started my own Day Spa and Salon (SHRINGAAR Day Spa) in 1996 and operated it until 2008.


Several exhibitions in France

In 2008, my husband’s job took us to Metz, France. I sold my shop and we moved. Upon arrival in France, I found myself quite alone. To combat my loneliness, I started to paint. I went to an art studio in Metz to learn new techniques and sharpen my largely self-taught skills. I also received a lot of encouragement from the cultural and arts group of the organization called Lorraine-Etats Unis. 

This was a time that I was able to mature as an artist and experiment with various media. As I began to transform as an artist, I started painting under the name “Nishmitha” – meaning one who cannot be contained. Being in Europe, gave me tremendous opportunities to visit the museums of the masters and inspired me to further my passion. My works were displayed in several exhibitions in France and I also received several commissions. Some of the exhibitions are mentioned below


Aruna Salon

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